Electronic Cigarettes Inc Brings out New Clearomizer Starter Kit reports Saudi-un-ny.net

Electronic cigarette market expected to surpass conventional market in 10 years

The liquid placed in electronic cigarettes comes in a variety of flavors with varying amounts of nicotine or none at all. One 10-milliliter vial equals smoking a carton of average-nicotine cigarettes. (Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com) 6/21/13

The Epipe Clearomizer starter kit offered by Electronic Cigarettes Inc contains excellent accessories such as one Wooden Epipe Unit, two clear Clearomizer, one USB Wall Adapter, one USB Charger, one Epipe Stand and one Empty Bottle. This e cigarette brand is acquirable at a lost cost that is affordable to a user. The wooden area designed into the kit has got a real wooden look and the middle area of the pipe lights up to resemble the real look of a pipe. Experts of the smokeless cigarette brand expect that this is definitely one of the highest quality Epipe products on the market, and the first to allow use with Clearomizer.
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The level of 18mg. is about the same as an average cigarette. For those trying to quit, the amount can be tapered down. Some people who want to get away from smoking like the fruity flavors, said Howle.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20130630/PC05/130639995/1011/electronic-cigarette-market-expected-to-surpass-conventional-market-in-10-years

Electronic Cigarette Users Unite to Send a Powerful Message to MEPs

Policy makers will then have a lot more information at their fingertips to make a decision that is not going to result in 700,000 lives per year being terminated early because MEPs voted to effectively ban e-cigs as they currently are from the market in Europe.” The key health benefit of e-cigarettes is determined by how many smokers switch to them or use them as a staging post to quitting completely. It is therefore vital that e-cigarettes continue to be regulated as a consumer product. Ralf K an e-cigarette user from Germany said, “Many of us have tried numerous times to quit smoking using conventional nicotine replacement therapies and have failed, however with e-cigarettes we have all cut down our smoking or stopped completely. Without anyone in the professional public health field doing anything and without spending any public money, smokers like us have been quitting, switching, and cutting down through the use of e-cigarettes. This is something that should be celebrated not a cause for concern.” E-cigarettes are however not some form of more effective nicotine replacement therapy, they are totally different. E-cigarettes deliver clean nicotine — without the tar, carbon monoxide, and volatile hot gases of cigarettes — and as a way of taking nicotine they are pretty near harmless to health.
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